Lifestyle; it’s our anniversary! â¤ï¸

This weekend we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I mean 3 years…how?! How has the time gone that fast? 🙈  I still remember our first few dates like they were yesterday! 

We went out for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Market Bistro. It’s actually closing next week, which I am so gutted about so it was definitely a no brainer for where we were going to go for dinner. We had two courses, plus a little tasting dish to start & obviously I had some prosecco 🍾  

I love this restaurants sourdough bread…. Literally drooling just thinking about it. All homemade too. I can’t even explain to you how good this food is. So much flavour & so much thought goes into the presentation. Look at my panna cotta 😍 

I cooked for Sam & we had a lovely chilled evening in on the Saturday. We watched a film on Netflix & enjoyed some treats 🙄 probably too much, but oh well 💁🏽 if you haven’t watched it, we watched look away. Was actually quite good!

Look at my stunning flowers that Sam had delivered for me!! The florist is actually one of Sam’s friends & honestly she knows me so well. She gets my flowers spot on every time! They’re from Lily Jayne Florist. I bought Sam some cute date night idea cards from not on the high street & Lindt chocolates, which I hope he will share 😂 

Thanks for another fabulous year Sam! Here’s to many more 💞

Lifestyle; case app collab ðŸ“±

Feeling super appreciative of receiving these beautiful phone cases gifted. Thankyou caseapp.

The website gives you a lot of pre made designs to choose from or you can create your own personalised one. I chose two of the pre made designs as I knew I’d have been there hours trying to create my own & these were just so me! They honestly have a design for everyone 😍 

It’s not just for phone cases though, they do laptop skins, iPads etc. I think I will definitely order an iPad one next as they’re so good. The quality of the product is amazing too, extremely well made. They were sent in beautiful packaging as well, which is very important to me. The shipping time was pretty fast too. Could not fault them. Plus the lady I was speaking to throughout this collaboration was so lovely & friendly.

Caseapp also let me host my own giveaway!! Thankyou all for taking part & I hope the winner loves her case just as much. I can’t wait to see what they order ☺️ 

Are you in need of a new phone case? If so you should definitely have a look on their site

Travel; Rhodes June 2019 ðŸŒ´â˜€ï¸


We booked this holiday way back in May 2018 as we weren’t going away in 2018 & I wanted something to look forward to. 

We booked to go back to the same place in Rhodes that we went to in 2017. We loved it so much & there was a beautiful restaurant nearby that I was itching to visit again! We stayed in a hotel called Rhodos Horizon Resort. The staff are super friendly & the hotel itself is really clean & in a beautiful location with stunning views.

I found that this time I wasn’t as good at sitting & doing nothing so we did do a bit more exploring this time around. One day we walked all around Rhodes town, which is where we stayed. Another day we walked into the next little town, Ialysos & played some mini golf. I don’t know about you, but I just love mini golf 😂 I’m terrible at it though. It’s safe to say that Sam won! 

I did get to go back to the beautiful restaurant there too, Cavo Italiano, which is so good. It’s beautiful, the food tastes amazing & it’s such good value for money too! We stayed & had some drinks in the cocktail bar too, Cavo Tango. We did also have some shisha haha….. We’re not smokers at all but thought we’d have some fun before we get old 😂

This time we ate in the a la carte restaurant twice. We even tipped the waiter one night 😂 Sam was a little drunk I might add 🙈 it’s just nice to be served your dinner & take your time, rather than the buffet every night. I did also find some cats too, so they obviously shared my dinner 🙄  but I would highly recommend it if you stay at this hotel, it’s lovely. 

We also spent more time at the beach this year, rather than by the pool. The beach bar was super cute & we added to the cutest little rock display.

Have you ever been to Rhodes? I adore Greece but I’d love your suggestions of where we should go next. Are you going away this year?

Lifestyle; for lent I am giving up…. 

A bit of a different one here. I’ve decided I am not going to give up chocolate or sugar etc.. you know the usual things. I have decided I am going to give up 5lbs. Yes 5lbs in weight, not money. 

I am really trying to meet my goal weight target & I thought what a brilliant way to try to motivate myself! In January I gave up alcohol for dry January & managed to lose 5lbs so easily… I clearly love a glass of gin 🙄🙈 but now I am back on the alcohol & trying to budge the remaining 5lbs.

So far I have decided to up my exercise routine. I’m now going to the gym first thing in the morning before work. The days I don’t have to get up early for work (or even go to work) I will be aiming for 10 000 steps! 

If anyone knows of any yummy snacks or ideas on making them then please let me know! Food is my downside 😩 I just love eating! 

What are you giving up? Or is it not for you? 

Lifestyle; I completed dry January!! ðŸ”žâŒðŸ¾

Can you honestly believe this… It’s very surprising I know 😂🙈 

I usually drink every weekend. I don’t binge, I don’t go out & get ‘wasted’ I am waaaay too old for that, but I do like a bottle of wine or a few gins at the weekend. 

Sam actually failed… He failed the first weekend as he had a pint at the pub after football 😂 he tried very hard to make me fail too ‘nobody will ever know caitlin’ 🙈 well… I didn’t cave!! 

*I allowed myself one glass of prosecco on a family birthday, but to make up for that it’s now February 1st & I’m not having any alcohol*

So how did I do it? Plenty of water/squash, copious amounts of cups of tea & mugs of hot chocolate. Plus I did eat a lot of chocolate & biscuits in replacement… But I am proud of myself. It shouldn’t be a big thing but honestly I’m a happy girl that I achieved it. I also managed to lose the 4lbs I put on over Christmas/new year & an extra 1lb! WOOHOO!

I am going to try to have February without treats now. This means no cake, chocolate or biscuits. Did anyone else do dry January or veganuary?

Lifestyle; splash the cash or penny pinching?! ðŸ’·

Okay, so… Since we have moved out & have to pay for EVERRRYYTTHING ourselves now I thought why not share with you all what we have done to save a few pennies here & there  ðŸ’ðŸ½ 

To start with, Sam really wanted to be able to watch football at home. But you know sky is ridiculously priced. We opted for going with bt tv purely for the sports. We both love watching films too, but again we couldn’t justify getting sky. We have Netflix & I love it! Brilliant films & series on there so I’m happy & Sam is happy! So Sam pays £30 a month for broadband, phone & tv with bt sports & then I pay for Netflix at £5.99… Still beats sky at like £50 a month! 

If you know me then you will know that Sam loves tidying & cleaning… Yawn 🙈😂 well because we love the house to look lovely & clean & smell fresh we do tend to replenish our cleaning products quite a lot! I tend to buy washing powder & conditioner when they’re on offer in tesco. Purely because they’re big & bulky & I can get them delivered. But everything else we tend to buy from B&M. They have branded stuff so much cheaper than getting it from the supermarket! It’s crazy.

Now onto food.. We love to eat & I was finding that getting a tesco shop every week was really getting steep. It was coming to a minimum of £50 a week for two of us 😩 I took everyone’s advice & started going to Aldi. Thank the Lord for Aldi! For example here are a few of the things I buy weekly & the price difference; 

  • Grapes – Aldi £1.59  Tesco £2
  • Cucumber – Aldi £0.58  Tesco £0.60
  • Apples – Aldi £0.78 Tesco £0.78
  • Bananas – Aldi £0.88 Tesco £0.90
  • Raspberries – Aldi £1.30 Tesco £2
  • Blueberries – Aldi £1.20 Tesco £2
  • Peppers – Aldi £0.91 Tesco £0.91
  • Cherry tomatoes – Aldi £0.75 Tesco £0.85
  • Yoghurt – Aldi £0.85 Tesco £1.60
  • Soya milk – Aldi £0.59  Tesco £0.85
  • Semi skimmed milk – Aldi £0.79 Tesco £0.80
  • Wholemeal rolls – Aldi £0.49 Tesco £0.75

So just for these items; Aldi £10.71 & Tesco £14.04 that’s a saving of £3.33!

That’s just a little insight by the way. But it’s really shocking how much you can save by shopping about. And by no means do you have to follow what I am saying but it is so handy to save a few pennies here & there!

What do you do to save money?

Blogging; Meet Emma J ðŸ‘‹ðŸ½

Today we’re meeting Emma J! Emma has some lovely photos on her Instagram feed & she loves to blog about food. (My kind of woman) 💁🏽

What made you decide to start blogging? 

I started blogging because I love writing and taking photographs so felt blogging would be a great way to meet like minded people and enhance my hobby.

Do you having a blogging niche? Or do you just write about whatever you enjoy? 

I tend to stick with writing about lifestyle (anything from food reviews/product reviews to tips, guides and travel)

Who would you say are your blogging inspirations? 

My biggest blogger inspirations are; Alice Spake the founder of Southampton Bloggers, Inthefrow for her wonderful content and bethsandland because I love her fashion photos.

How long have you been blogging? 

I have been blogging since February 2018. Just over 7 months! 

What is your favourite social media platform for sharing your blog?

My favourite social media is twitter, I love the engagement with fellow bloggers. 

Any tips for new bloggers?

New Bloggers; remember your blog is your own space. Write about what you love and your audience will find you.
 I agree with Emma that Twitter has the best engagement between bloggers! You’re doing amazingly if you have only been blogging 7 months! You’re a natural 😍☺️

Blogging; Meet Rachael ðŸ‚

We’re meeting Rachael today she is a Geordie blogger ☺️  why aye man! Her Instagram feed is so autumnal right now, absolute goals.

What made you start blogging?

I had been thinking of starting a blog for about 18 months but hadn’t had the time to really get something actually off the ground. So what finally gave me the kick up the bum I needed was something I spotted on Twitter which got me really riled up. I pointed it out to a few people I know professionally on Twitter and was invited to write a guest blog post for a Public Relations website on the topic which you can see here. I also wrote a couple of blog posts for my day job too.

After that I decided to stop putting it off and took the plunge to set up my own blog and over a year later here we are!

Do you have a blogging niche? Or do you just write about whatever you enjoy?

I don’t have a particular niche for my blog. I’m really passionate about the North East but I like exploring other areas within and beyond the UK and although I have pearls of wisdom from the day job in communications and public relations my interests are much wider than this. I didn’t want to restrict what I was able to write about and having the freedom to ramble as I wish is what I really enjoy about my blog and hopefully readers do too!

Who would you say are your blogging inspirations?

I admire quite a few bloggers and hope to keep learning and growing and finding new opportunities.
A few people have visited restaurants and stayed and visited places I have blogged and recommended which is really lovely. I think my inspirations come from wanting to help people whether that’s sharing tips to save money, how to keep your home warm or cool or some nice places to eat and visit.

How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for just over a year now – the time has absolutely flown by!

What is your favourite social media platform for sharing your blog?

This is tough as I use quite a few different platforms but if I had to choose I’d probably say Facebook groups for connecting with other bloggers and Twitter more so for promoting but also connecting with other bloggers. I have learnt so much from other bloggers and would definitely recommend finding a supportive Facebook group to join and take part in Twitter chats.

Networking isn’t just about growing your stats it’s about connecting and learning from other bloggers and reading some fantastic blog posts!

At first I joined loads of groups on Facebook and found it overwhelming; now I’m only in a handful and it’s much more manageable and enjoyable.

Any tips for new bloggers?

  • I’d definitely recommend connecting with other bloggers as the community can be so generous and knowledgeable. Join some Facebook groups, search the #bloggersrequest #bloggersrequest #bloggersrequired on Twitter. I also recommend joining in some Twitter chats too.
  • Try not to focus too much on the numbers like your stats and follower count – it will all come. Keep writing, learning and growing and the rest will fall into place.
  • Try not to be too shy – promote yourself and your blog. Put yourself forward for opportunities and collaborations.
  • But most of all I would say just start writing and enjoy it!

I completely agree with your tips Rachael, especially about promoting yourself ☺️ I love when someone tells you they have been somewhere because they read about it on your blog. It is such a good feeling, keep doing what you’re doing Rachael 👌🏽

Blogging; Meet Em ðŸ’ž

‘Ohhh this is so cute! I love the idea!’ I think this is a brilliant opening line! Let’s all meet Em! Such a lovely girl ☺️

What made you decide to start blogging? 

I decided to start blogging when I was 16 as a place to vent my emotions but quickly realised I just enjoyed writing and began to do reviews, looks and other posts!

Do you having a blogging niche? Or do you just write about whatever you enjoy? 

I don’t really have a blogging niche! I write about what I like but over all I usually say I’m a lifestyle blogger – I post about fashion, travel, beauty, photography and Mental Health! I just write what comes to me, then I try let it fit into my blog!

Who would you say are your blogging inspirations? 

I have so many! It all started with Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter like many other girls my age, but now I love “blog about a latte”, Safe Haven Anonyous Letters, Vix Meldrew and so many more!!!! Can I just give you my twitter following list?

How long have you been blogging? 

I’ve been blogging on and off since I was 16 but I made Pink Aesthetic on my current WordPress page back in March. It’s not perfect but it’s getting there!

What is your favourite social media platform for sharing your blog?

My favourite platform is definitely Twitter. I used to love Instagram but I find it hard to grow and the engagement isn’t as good as Twitter. Plus Twitter is like one big group chat!

Any tips for new bloggers? 

Write about what you love. The rest will come. I tried to fit in to what other bloggers were doing, tried to keep up with how fast they were getting sponsored posts/paid work and in the end it took the fun from blogging! I was taking collabs with things that didn’t fit with my blog and it made me feel rubbish about promoting my place online. So I gave it up and started afresh after some time away. It’s now just a place for me, if more comes from it then great and if not, that’s okay too. So basically, as my friends say when I’m about to make another *cough* bad drunk decision: you do you babe!

I looove the way you’ve described Twitter as a group chat! That is brilliant! 😍 great tips for newbies, thanks for sharing lovely.

Blogging; Meet Pau 💞 

Paulina is another girl I chat to daily so I’m so pleased you’ll all get to know her better too. She’s a Mexican beauty living in Scotland, so her Instagram feed is goals
What made you decide to start blogging? 

So I decided to create my own blog because after years and years of reading other people’s blogs I just really wanted to have my own little creative space in the internet. I also wanted to share my opinions, reviews and ideas about all the things that I love! 
Do you having a blogging niche? Or do you just write about whatever you enjoy? 

I don’t think I have a niche as theres a lot of things I love to talk about! I usually blog about fashion, makeup, skincare products and lifestyle things like travel and I want to start writing fitness posts as well as this is a massive part of my life. And of course I have been writing so much wedding content as I’m getting married in December this year 
Who would you say are your blogging inspirations? 

I absolutely love Victoria from inthefrow she’s just wow incredible and such an inspiration as she has managed to grow her brand into a massive thing! Also love Lydia elise millen 
How long have you been blogging? 

Not too long, started in 2017 and I’m not going to lie I haven’t been blogging as much recently as life just gets in the way but I absolutely love it! 
What is your favourite social media platform for sharing your blog?

I use Twitter lots and just share it with my other blogger friends as well!

Any tips for new bloggers? 

Just write about whatever you want and don’t compare yourself with anyone else! It’s all about having fun and being creative ❤

Great tips Pau ☺️ I didn’t realise you hadn’t been blogging for long! I definitely think you should do some fitness posts too