Lifestyle; my birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

Oh my goodness, I’m 27… Bloody hell. I am starting to feel it though now.

So my little man really spoilt me. He got me sooo much… I mean who would have thought a kitten could afford & know how to order all this stuff πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ 

Sam made me breakfast & we went off to the coast as it was a glorious day. We had a good walk & went round the amusements. I totally beat him at bowling too πŸ’πŸ½ we got some yummy doughnuts & treats & a hot chocolate too.

I then finished off my cake & if I say so myself, for a first try I think I did pretty well. Right?! 🍰 I got the topper & the candles from Amazon incase anyone wants to know.

Going back to the gifts I got. I was well & truly spoiled rotten. So many bath bombs, candles & smelly’s! Exactly what I wanted. Plus a fair few bottles of drink, including some yummy unicorn gin which didn’t even last 5 days πŸ˜‚ I had a lovely bunch of flowers & some new lunch boxes as well. Sam also got me some nice adidas trainers.

My mum & nephew then came round for a Chinese for tea.. And to taste the cake I made.Which, might I add, went down very well πŸ’πŸ½  Sam’s mum & dad then joined us for a drink too.

Thanks to everyone who made my day special πŸŽπŸŽ‚

Lifestyle; girls trip to Manchester πŸΈπŸ°

Before I get in to this post I would like to thank Alice for making me laugh & constantly smile for two days straight!! Also… For putting up with all my moods πŸ˜‚ especially when I was hangry! 

We had a fab few days away for a little girly break! We went to Manchester as we wanted to go to friendsfest. If you have never been you really should it was so much fun! We started the break the right way with a few drinks on the train… I’m such a lightweight I was yawning away after a couple πŸ˜‚ honestly though I needed it.

The hotel was fabulous for the price! We paid Β£68 each for two nights. To me that’s a bargain. It was in the centre & just look at how funky it was!! The bed was comfy (actually had the best night sleep I’ve had in ages) & we even had breakfast included. We were literally in a croissant coma… Oops! 

I don’t want to go to into what happened at friendsfest as I’ll do that in another post. But we had the best day ever! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. If you’re a friends fan I would highly recommend it. Could we be any happier?! 

We ate out that evening & had a few drinks too 🍸 we went to the slug & lettuce, drank a few pornstar martinis between the two of us… πŸ™„ & had some food too obviously! Ha! When we got back to the hotel we put on Celebs go dating & had like a big girly sleepover with another couple of drinks & lots of nibbles while we were tucked up in our beds πŸ˜‚ we’re either big kids or old ladies! 

On our last day it was bucketing it down, but we walked so much our feet hurt πŸ™ˆ did a little bit of shopping in the city & then made our way to have afternoon tea. The venue was stunning, we went to cloud 23 which had incredible views. The afternoon tea itself was delicious too! 

Literally we did soooo much in a small amount of time, but we had such a good girly getaway!!