Lifestyle; for lent I am giving up….Β 

A bit of a different one here. I’ve decided I am not going to give up chocolate or sugar etc.. you know the usual things. I have decided I am going to give up 5lbs. Yes 5lbs in weight, not money. 

I am really trying to meet my goal weight target & I thought what a brilliant way to try to motivate myself! In January I gave up alcohol for dry January & managed to lose 5lbs so easily… I clearly love a glass of gin πŸ™„πŸ™ˆ but now I am back on the alcohol & trying to budge the remaining 5lbs.

So far I have decided to up my exercise routine. I’m now going to the gym first thing in the morning before work. The days I don’t have to get up early for work (or even go to work) I will be aiming for 10 000 steps! 

If anyone knows of any yummy snacks or ideas on making them then please let me know! Food is my downside 😩 I just love eating! 

What are you giving up? Or is it not for you? 

8 thoughts on “Lifestyle; for lent I am giving up….Β ”

  1. Haha that’s really smart! I’m guilty of not having given up anything for Lent in such a long time. My parents used to make me and my sisters give up something, but I feel like as I’ve grown up I’ve fallen off. I definitely want to get back into it cause I feel it’s still really important…


  2. A good healthy alternative instead of frozen chips is to make homemade chips using potatoes. I love making my own chips and sweet potato chips and they taste so yummy as well. I actually prefer them to frozen chips now Xx

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