Lifestyle; our Valentine’s Day 2019 πŸ’ž

We’re not huge valentines people but we still like to just show we do love & appreciate each other! We didn’t do presents last year as we had just got the keys to the house. So we actually decided to be soppy this year 😍 

Sam wasn’t here for Valentine’s Day this year, he had gone skiing with his dad, so we celebrated on the Friday. I didn’t want to go out this year as we now live together & it’s our first Valentine’s in our home so I wanted to make the most of that. 

Sam got me some flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day… He is a good’un! He also ordered me some bath bombs from bomb cosmetics which came in the week too & I enjoyed those πŸ› he knows me so well. I bought Sam a cute photo book from free prints & a belt from Levi’s.  

I cooked us a yummy meal & decorated the house a little bit too. Sam had steak & I had fish. Then we enjoyed some brownies & cookies that I had baked the day before. 

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? 

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