Lifestyle; splash the cash or penny pinching?! ðŸ’·

Okay, so… Since we have moved out & have to pay for EVERRRYYTTHING ourselves now I thought why not share with you all what we have done to save a few pennies here & there  ðŸ’ðŸ½ 

To start with, Sam really wanted to be able to watch football at home. But you know sky is ridiculously priced. We opted for going with bt tv purely for the sports. We both love watching films too, but again we couldn’t justify getting sky. We have Netflix & I love it! Brilliant films & series on there so I’m happy & Sam is happy! So Sam pays £30 a month for broadband, phone & tv with bt sports & then I pay for Netflix at £5.99… Still beats sky at like £50 a month! 

If you know me then you will know that Sam loves tidying & cleaning… Yawn 🙈😂 well because we love the house to look lovely & clean & smell fresh we do tend to replenish our cleaning products quite a lot! I tend to buy washing powder & conditioner when they’re on offer in tesco. Purely because they’re big & bulky & I can get them delivered. But everything else we tend to buy from B&M. They have branded stuff so much cheaper than getting it from the supermarket! It’s crazy.

Now onto food.. We love to eat & I was finding that getting a tesco shop every week was really getting steep. It was coming to a minimum of £50 a week for two of us 😩 I took everyone’s advice & started going to Aldi. Thank the Lord for Aldi! For example here are a few of the things I buy weekly & the price difference; 

  • Grapes – Aldi £1.59  Tesco £2
  • Cucumber – Aldi £0.58  Tesco £0.60
  • Apples – Aldi £0.78 Tesco £0.78
  • Bananas – Aldi £0.88 Tesco £0.90
  • Raspberries – Aldi £1.30 Tesco £2
  • Blueberries – Aldi £1.20 Tesco £2
  • Peppers – Aldi £0.91 Tesco £0.91
  • Cherry tomatoes – Aldi £0.75 Tesco £0.85
  • Yoghurt – Aldi £0.85 Tesco £1.60
  • Soya milk – Aldi £0.59  Tesco £0.85
  • Semi skimmed milk – Aldi £0.79 Tesco £0.80
  • Wholemeal rolls – Aldi £0.49 Tesco £0.75

So just for these items; Aldi £10.71 & Tesco £14.04 that’s a saving of £3.33!

That’s just a little insight by the way. But it’s really shocking how much you can save by shopping about. And by no means do you have to follow what I am saying but it is so handy to save a few pennies here & there!

What do you do to save money?

18 thoughts on “Lifestyle; splash the cash or penny pinching?! ðŸ’·”

  1. Completely agree with shopping at Aldi and saving money! We buy all our toiletries from Savers as our shampoo for example if only £1.99 in there but in boots is nearly £4 – makes all the difference! Savers is great for cleaning products and makeup as well!
    Liz x

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  2. The largest thing my family and I do to save money is make a meal plan. So much better than just shopping spontaneously and making it up as we go along.

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  3. Aldi is definitely a god send, the same shop at Asda would cost us around £200 but only costs £70 at Aldi. Amazing. B&M is also great, but I think Home Bargains is slightly cheaper for cleaning products and their own brand range is actually (I find) just as good or better than name brands.

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