Blogmas Day 14; festive couple quiz 🎅🏼

Having a bit of a different day today so here’s a little festive fun! 

Would you rather…?

One big present or lots of little presents?

Sam: one big one

Caitlin: lots of little presents for me ☺️

Eat Christmas dinner everyday for a year or listen to Christmas songs everyday?

Sam: Christmas dinner! That was obvious wasn’t it?

Caitlin: Mmmm food…. *dribbles*

Wear a Santa hat or paper crown from a cracker everyday?

Sam: cracker hat…

Caitlin: Santa hat

Receive a present you don’t like or give a present that the person doesnt like?

Sam: receive a bad one

Caitlin: receive too.. I think I pick good presents 😂

Have two Christmas’s a year or two birthday’s a year?

Sam: Christmas! (Because he likes giving presents)

Caitlin: I can’t choose… Both?! 🙊

Shop online or in shops for Christmas gifts?

Sam: online, it’s easier

Caitlin: online for sure, no traffic & people thinking they deserve to barge in front 

Wear Christmas jumpers or smart party clothes on Christmas day?

Sam: Christmas jumper

Caitlin: smart party clothes, I love to make an effort once in a while

Have a fabulous weekend everyone ☺️

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