Blogmas Day 11; Revolution advent calendar πŸ’„

I bought this for myself way back in September, yes I am that sad. But superdrug had a great deal on quidco for cashback! I’m all about getting some money back or saving a few ££’s here & there. 

How stunning is this?! I paid Β£30… Now to some that sounds a lot, but trust me it is a bargain. It should have been Β£50 so it was a great saving! Also yes I did open it early, but I was just a little bit too excited 😍😍 so who wants to see some of the bits I got?! 

Soooo many lipsticks, honestly I am in heaven here. Lipsticks are by far by favourite products to use. The shades are so wintery as well. Absolutely perfect! I am loving all of the highlighters, bronzers & blushes in this too. 

Did you get a beauty advent calendar this year?

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