Blogmas Day 1; wrapping 🎁 

Just like last year I took myself straight to Matalan for my Christmas wrapping! I cannot find anything better than theirs. 

We’ve got a lovely silver & grey tree so I tried to match the wrapping to it as well. I don’t really like anything red when it comes to Christmas. It just isn’t a colour I like πŸ™ˆ anything silvery or blue is my cup of tea! 

We have loads of people’s presents to wrap & I am so excited that this year they will all match! 

So I got a few rolls, some really pretty bags & gift tags to match. They were on 3 for 2! I am going to go back & get some more too. Whatever is leftover will be good for next year as well. My cards are from tesco though 😍 what do you think?! (Yes I have wrapped super early) 

Where do you get your wrapping paper from? 

17 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 1; wrapping 🎁 ”

  1. Great post! You’re so organised! I had a silver and blue wrapping scheme last year, though I change it up every year, and my plan is red this year! I have mixed themes in the the house when it comes to decorating, so my hall is blue and white, and my living room is traditional red, green and gold. My paper this year, is mostly using up odd rolls from previous years (I have a box full!) though I did get some more red and kraft paper gift wrap from card factory. Looking forward to reading your blogmas posts!!

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