Blogging; Meet Em ๐Ÿ’ž

‘Ohhh this is so cute! I love the idea!’ I think this is a brilliant opening line! Let’s all meet Em! Such a lovely girl โ˜บ๏ธ

What made you decide to start blogging? 

I decided to start blogging when I was 16 as a place to vent my emotions but quickly realised I just enjoyed writing and began to do reviews, looks and other posts!

Do you having a blogging niche? Or do you just write about whatever you enjoy? 

I donโ€™t really have a blogging niche! I write about what I like but over all I usually say Iโ€™m a lifestyle blogger – I post about fashion, travel, beauty, photography and Mental Health! I just write what comes to me, then I try let it fit into my blog!

Who would you say are your blogging inspirations? 

I have so many! It all started with Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter like many other girls my age, but now I love โ€œblog about a latteโ€, Safe Haven Anonyous Letters, Vix Meldrew and so many more!!!! Can I just give you my twitter following list?

How long have you been blogging? 

Iโ€™ve been blogging on and off since I was 16 but I made Pink Aesthetic on my current WordPress page back in March. Itโ€™s not perfect but itโ€™s getting there!

What is your favourite social media platform for sharing your blog?

My favourite platform is definitely Twitter. I used to love Instagram but I find it hard to grow and the engagement isnโ€™t as good as Twitter. Plus Twitter is like one big group chat!

Any tips for new bloggers? 

Write about what you love. The rest will come. I tried to fit in to what other bloggers were doing, tried to keep up with how fast they were getting sponsored posts/paid work and in the end it took the fun from blogging! I was taking collabs with things that didnโ€™t fit with my blog and it made me feel rubbish about promoting my place online. So I gave it up and started afresh after some time away. Itโ€™s now just a place for me, if more comes from it then great and if not, thatโ€™s okay too. So basically, as my friends say when Iโ€™m about to make another *cough* bad drunk decision: you do you babe!

I looove the way you’ve described Twitter as a group chat! That is brilliant! ๐Ÿ˜ great tips for newbies, thanks for sharing lovely.

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