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I was recently gifted some curcumin tablets (turmeric based) from Landys Chemist. I am not one to usually take a lot of tablets or supplements but I thought these would actually help me! I think you must know already if you’ve followed me for a while that I suffer from fibromyalgia so I get quite tired muscles & joints. So let’s give these a go! 

After I had been taking them for 10 days I already started to notice a difference. I am not somebody who suffers too much with my fibromyalgia in the summer months but I do also like to go to the gym & keep fit. That means I am definitely pushing my body beyond its boundaries! 

I took these supplements to help me be able to carry on working out. They helped. I honestly believe they helped. I managed to start going to spin classes again, which has always been my favourite way to get my cardio fix in. As long as still doing my weight workouts too. 

If you ever want to try anything natural to help ease your symptoms or just help you to feel stronger then I would highly recommend giving these a go. Do you take any supplements?

6 thoughts on “Lifestyle; Landys Chemist πŸ’Š”

  1. Turmeric has really been taking off lately and it’s awesome how many people it’s helping! I take a few vitamins a day with my vitamin packs subscription- evening of primrose oil, garlic (for angina), coq2, and a probiotic

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      1. The evening of primrose definitely does! I tried taking it during my teen years (before I was on birth control) and it only didn’t help then cause I wasn’t taking it consistently enough haha


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