Lifestyle; our home before πŸ‘

A lot of you said you loved the way the house looked but wanted to see exactly what we achieved. So here you go (these photos are bad quality as they’re from rightmove).. Sam’s dad helped a lot, I should say he probably done the most work πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ but yes it took a lot of time & a lot of effort. We scraped nicotine covered artex off the walls, we painted, kicked ceilings down etc. We got the keys on February 9th & if you follow my blog you will know that was a bittersweet day for me as I had my best friend, Lilli, put to sleep that morning. We moved in & had our first sleep in it on August 2nd.

Bathroom; we ripped the airing cupboard out (you can’t see it in this photo but you can just see the handle in the left of the photo) & then ripped everything else out! This to us was not usable at all.. They even left manky marks in the toilet! 😷 We also moved the toilet & sink.. Plus pushed the bath up to where the airing cupboard was. If that makes sense…

Kitchen; this room smelt so bad, the green walls were covering a horrible wood effect wallpaper too. They had hooks everywhere, like everywhere! Again this all came out but I LOVE the archway & the pantry. We did reuse that oven though as it was pretty much brand new!

Lounge; this had artex on the walls & a fireplace that wasn’t to our liking. To be fair this one didn’t take as much work! 

Dining & conservatory;
I’m going to say these two together as they used to be one room. We did have a stud wall added in because the conservatory is quite big so it will be super cold in the winter.

Spare bedroom; we’ve kept the door for now as we are unable to find the right bricks to brick it up. But at least it’s lovely & light in here. This room was apparently where the dogs slept, so it smelt awful 😲 

Our bedroom; so the red definitely didn’t go with our lovely grey theme in the house.. πŸ˜‚ we’ve still not finished this room though as we’re waiting for our bedroom furniture to be made! How exciting πŸ’πŸ½

Here are a few of the after’s, just to refresh your memory! But don’t forget my other blog post has lots of fab pictures of how it looks now. 

Thanks for reading lovely people ☺️

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