Lifestyle; we had time off ⛱☀️

Myself & Sam had last week off work so I thought I’d share with you how we spent our week! Sorry to bore you all.. 


We literally got up & went to the gym for 6.30am, yes we’re nuts! We then got home had breakfast & started doing some jobs! I literally did like 3 loads of washing & ironing. Plus I mopped the floors & hoovered! We had our headboard being delivered that day & the coffee table for the lounge. Sam built the table & put the new headboard on, because he’s a babe… Duh! 


I got up, had a doctors appointment (nothing major just a pill check) went to the gym & then popped to the bank. Sam waited at home for the BT engineer to come as we now have BT internet & TV. It wasn’t all successful as the you view box needs some sort of adaptor, yeah I’m not that tech savvy, sorry guys 🙈 we had a few more deliveries coming that day so we had to wait in.


We had a tesco delivery first thing at 8am so we got ourselves ready whilst waiting for that. We then went into town, got ourselves some more plates, a doormat, toiletries etc. Sam then had a physio appointment & after that we made our way to the coast! We stopped in Wells, had a drink in the sunshine too of course! 🍸 We did have a few games in the arcades too, I’m a big kid really! On the way home we went to Thornham & stopped at Eric’s for fish & chips. Honestly the tastiest fish & chips I’ve ever had!! 


Again, started our day at the gym 💪🏽 then we took Sam’s mum to an appointment later that morning & whilst we waited for her to finish we went & had some lunch! We visited a place called the lean pantry co, it’s a place that has a lot of gluten free, vegan option kinds of meals! Brilliant for me being dairy free 💁🏽 look how yum this was! 


We spent today doing jobs around the house, washing, cleaning & ironing etc. Sam washed the cars, because he’s honestly the best boyfriend ever! We then nipped back to his mum & dads so he could watch football, of course I spent my evening with the cat on my lap 

Saturday & Sunday; 

On Saturday morning we did a few jobs before I decided to have the most amazing bubble bath & completely pamper myself! Sam went to watch his team play football as he’s got a knee injury at the moment so is unable to play bless him. We the went to a wedding reception that evening to celebrate his friends wedding. We didn’t get a photo together 😩 but we had so much fun. A few too many cocktails were had that evening. 

Sunday we weren’t hungover, just knackered. We had a next delivery come so Sam then built those… We now have nesting tables & a shoe cupboard! 🙌🏽 

How are you spending your summer? Are you having time at home or going away?

18 thoughts on “Lifestyle; we had time off ⛱☀️”

  1. I’ve just been away to the coast with my family which was super lovely; however, I’m so happy to be back in my own bed. I really need to have a pamper evening with a nice relaxing bath because I’ve just been so busy. Just want time to rest 😦 Glad you had a lovely week Caitlin xxx

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  2. It sounds like you had a lovely week! I love those days when all I have to do is run errands since studying and working mean that I have to stare at a screen all day… The Lean Pantry Co sounds like my kind of place! Xx

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