Lifestyle; thinking of booking your smear test? ðŸ“†ðŸ“žðŸŽ—

This post will be a little too much for some people so I apologise now! 🙊🙈

I recently had my first ever smear test last year & I too was absolutely crapping myself to go. To all of those out there who are nervous, please don’t be. Between the ages of 25-49 you need to have a test every 3 years… 3 years is a very long gap! 50-64 is every 5 years… So ladies it’s not like you need to have them often. Like I say, I completely understand. But it’s so necessary to have it.

A lot of younger ladies are probably thinking, what if I forget to shave my legs? I need to bath/shower first etc… It’s okay to think that. I did!!

So if you didn’t already know I work as a GP receptionist… I promise you, the receptionist isn’t judging you, the nurse isn’t judging you & we talk to people like you & see people like you all the time! Sometimes the nurses even do back to back smears where I work. It’s normal. Trust me! ☺️  

A few little tips for you if you are nervous! *in no way am I saying these work for everybody or that this is what you think etc, just friendly advice

1. You must try to book mid cycle.. & if you do start your period when your smear test is booked then just give them a call & try to book for a week & a half later’ish 👌🏼

2. Book for a good time for you. I had mine first thing in the morning as then I didn’t have ages to worry about it for so long ☺️ if you want you can book for after work so you can have a shower first etc, whatever makes it better for you! 

3. Don’t be embarrassed. I know that’s easier said than done. But like I’ve said before, the nurses are always lovely & they do this day in, day out. So don’t worry! 

4. Talk to the nurse about her day or something so it takes your mind off it a little bit & make sure you’re comfy before she does the test 💁🏽 if the speculum she is using doesn’t feel right, see if there is a smaller one! Don’t be scared to ask.

5. It takes about a minute & of course it’s not going to be the most enjoyable thing.. But it’s a very necessary thing to do! Remember why you’re having it done! 

I hope this helps. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I’m happy to help 

Caitlin xo 💞

Bath time; lush, bomb cosmetics & bubble t ðŸ›€ðŸ½ðŸ‘ŒðŸ¼

I love love love bath bombs, they’re so pretty, they smell amazing & they just relax you instantly! I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have a bath… 🙈

Most of the bath bombs that I use are from bomb cosmetics! FYI they also do amazing candles… My other half got me absolutely loads from them for Christmas! When I say loads, I mean loads 🙊😍 

The pink bubble bar from lush literally has my room smelling amazing.. I have wanted one of these lush products for ages, I saw so many of them on Instagram these last few months.. So yay! It literally smells like heaven, I love it 😍😍 and the bubble t bath bomb was lovely, it was a blue/green shade in the bath & smelt so fruity 🛀🏽 

Where do you usually buy your bath bombs from? 

Caitlin xo 🛀🏽

Get to know me; & my pets ðŸ¶ðŸ’—

I’ve been blogging for a little while now & still not done one of these… So here we go! 

What is your name?: Caitlin… It’s pronounced Kate Lynn – but definitely not spelt like that! 

How old are you?: I am 25, I will be 26 in September 

Single or taken?: very happily in a loving relationship! 

Do you work?: yes, in a doctors surgery as a receptionist

Do you have any pets?: yes! My dog Lilli, & a cat at my partners called Izzy

How old are your pets?
: Lilli is 10 & Izzy is 1

Something naughty that your pet has done?: the funniest thing I remember is when Lilli pretty much inhaled a sandwich from the table that I made for my friend.. 😂 & Izzy, probably getting stuck up a tree all night! 

Do your pets have any nicknames?: Lilli; lillipuff, baby, boo, Angel, darling angel cake, princess. I could go on forever! 🙈 Izzy; izzasmell, Isobel, bella

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will have seen I have had some bad news about my dog Lilli. She has been diagnosed with nose cancer… We’ve been told she only has weeks & I feel like I have not shown you all enough of her on here. I am going to take some time to spend it with my angel, if you don’t mind! I hope you all understand 

Please take a minute of your time to donate to help other animals who need it… Animal health trust is there for so many poorly pets.

Caitlin xo 🐶🐱💗

Mini haul; new look ðŸ‘ ðŸ‘—

New look recently had the best sale EVERRRR! & I received a fabulous £20 gift card for Christmas. Perfect! 

Heeled boots; these should have been £29.99 & I got them for £7.. What a bargain! They have a lace up front (made like it you don’t have to lace it up) with a zip fastening at the back. So comfy, but they did kill my feet when I first put them on… Only the zip at the back, I put plasters on & it solved the issue! 

Grey oversized jumper;
I loved this… It’s perfect for casual wear or for a smart/casual outfit! It was £5 instead of £15.99 I think this was my favourite purchase. I love comfy clothes 😍

Red blouse;
this is so pretty, I need to buy a red vest top to go underneath but I really love this… I paid £6 & it was reduced from £17.99. Hopefully I can wear this with my new heels 💁🏽 because it’s completely see through, I’m pleased it was only £6. Not worth much more than that if you have to buy something go under it.

Velvet heels; lastly, these should have been £25.99, I managed to pay just £8 for them! I’ve not had a chance to wear these yet, but how nice are they?! With a nice dress, I’m excited to wear them 😍  I love that they tie round your leg. My feet won’t fall out 😂

Did anybody else get any goodies in the new look sale?!

Caitlin xo 

Lifestyle update; January 2018 ðŸ‘💪🏽

I recently put a poll on Twitter asking who would be interested in this.. So here you go the 92% of you who wanted me to start this. This is the first month of my monthly updates for you.. With a recipe 😋 enjoy.

This months meal is such a yummy one… Chicken of course 💁🏽  Sam got a Joe Wicks lean in 15 book for Christmas so we are working our way through the book.. I have to admit though I do change it slightly. I’m a bit of a spice mad person & some of these were without carbs. I can’t be that hard on myself on a Saturday night 😂

Meal for 1… All we did was double it & add a little bit more for it to feed 2 

1 chicken breast

2 handfuls of spinach 

2 spring onions 

A sprinkle of nutmeg 

Handful of cherry tomatoes 

100ml single cream

Handful of pasta

Sprinkle of chives

Throw it all in a wok & voilà 👌🏼

Oh my word, so yum!! It’s a lot better for us than a Chinese or pizza 💁🏽 that’s how I look at it anyway! 

And this is January’s body update. My bum is getting peachier & I am finally starting to see a waist appear. I’m far from ready to start getting abs, but I’m getting stronger 💪🏽 

Let me know if you cook the meal, I’d love to know if you liked it as much as me 

Caitlin xo 💪🏽

Holidays; Places I’d love to visit âœˆï¸ðŸŒ

As most of you know (if you really know me then you won’t be surprised at this post) I looove to go on holiday! So I thought I’d share with you some places that I’d really like to visit! 

Dublin ☘️

I’ve always wanted to visit here! That may surprise some of you as it’s not at least 3 hours away & guranteed sunshine 😂 There is so much to do & I think since I have seen so many people visiting recently it’s made me want to go even more. The Guinness tour being top priority 🙄🍻 haha! I’m not even keen on it. Basically I want to be a proper tourist 😂 open top buses & that 💁🏽 any ideas on where to visit in Dublin would be fab please lovely people! I have booked this for this year.. I can say this now as I have told my other half that we’re going finally! 

Santorini ☀️

I absolutely looove Greece so this would make me so happy if I got to go. I know it’s super expensive compared to the rest of Greece but who cares? It’s so bloody pretty. I literally love white, it’s so fresh looking. Mix that with the sunshine & you can’t go wrong! It just seems like such a beautiful place. Maybe for a honeymoon… 🙄😂 

Iceland 🇮🇸 

Now this, this is top! It’s a completely one off experience to do! The whole package has to be done if you go! I keep looking on secret escapes at this as they always do a good deal. You have to really visit at the right time of year too. This is going to have to be done in 2018/2019! 

Dubai & Mauritius 🌴

I feel like this is going to be one of he most expensive trips of my life, but I have to do it. Luckily sam really wants to go to Dubai so it hasn’t taken much persuading. We are saving for this at the moment, so far I think we’re up to £300! That’s a good chunk. But this is like paradise & I am dying to just lay on a hammock, sipping cocktails, it looks pure bliss! 🐠 

I basically want to go everywhere on holiday… I just love to travel & I love to go to all sorts of places. Where do you really want to visit?! 

Caitlin xo ✈️

Our winter sun holiday; Tenerife 2017 ðŸŒ´ðŸ‘™

I know it was a little while ago now but I thought I’d tell you all about our holiday to Tenerife! We went on 28th November 2017 for a week & stayed at a hotel called Olé Tropical, playa de las Americas.

The hotel;

So as we arrived we were offered a sparkling wine & chocolates which were obviously welcomed warmly 🙄💁🏽 who wouldn’t be happy? We were checked in & went to find our room, which was pretty easy ☺️ & we were very happy.. it was spacious & clean! Usually we have rooms that are quite small, but this had a separate seating area. Woohoo!! We arrived about 5.30pm so we were starving! We went to get some food & I couldn’t really find much to eat, I ended up with just paella & broccoli 🤔 the waitress kept pushing me to fill in a review form, which I explained a few times I had only arrived an hour ago. Moving on…. we went to get a drink & watch the evening entertainment. I ordered a cocktail & no exaggeration it arrived within 10 seconds… it tasted absolutely vile! I asked Sam to try it & he agreed. The lady asked if it wasn’t any good, so I said no, completely not drinkable. I then decided it would be clever to do shots as they don’t taste nice anyway 🙈😂 yeah… I passed out by 9pm. The food didn’t get any better & neither did the drinks 😭 *FYI I promise I’m not that picky, it really was that bad*

Sams birthday; 

I’ll make this bit quick as I have already done a post about this. I took sooo much stuff to decorate the room for Sam & I think he loved it 😂 balloons everywhere 🎈 & cake. But we went to play mini golf too & drink ourselves into a coma with happy hour cocktails 🍹


Eating out;

We pretty much had to eat out 😂 so we did go out quite a few times. We ate at Hard Rock Cafe twice which was sooo good. So much food, we literally couldn’t move 😷 our starter was probably meant for 3/4 people, but we’re proper foodies so we demolished it 😂🍔 we ate at a cute little Spanish restaurant called Friends which was very non commercial, which made it have a nice feel to it. On the walk back from this restaurant we came across a place called monkeys… OH MY GOD. The cocktails are to die for!!!! They were soooo good. They also had an Italian, Asian, Grill & a little bakery!!! We enjoyed it so much we went back 3 times for drinks, but we also ate at the Italian for Sam’s birthday!

Days out;

For Sam’s birthday present I bought us tickets to Loro parque & Siam park. Bit of a pants present but he was grateful he didn’t have to buy them in the end 💁🏽 I know these aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved them & so did Sam. Loro parque was more for me & Siam for him, but anywho… The sea lions are my favourite & the Penguins.. Aww so cute! It was quite a long day though, plus I spent all of my day taking photos & videos 🙈 ! Siam was a quicker day, it was in walking distance… You know what was really nice, having no phone for the whole day, not knowing the time & not caring. Just enjoying the water park, lazing about on the lazy river, going on lots of water slides. Having proper thrill seeking fun. 

We’re not having a ‘hot holiday’ this year… Stay tuned to my blog lovelies & you will find out why! 😘  are you going anywhere this year? 

Caitlin xo 🌴 

Bloggermail; bakerdays 🍰🎂

Now who wouldn’t want a cake to land on their doorstep?! 🎂

Thankyou bakerdays for making my tummy happy 😜 I have had two cakes from bakerdays now & I couldn’t fault either of them *I did receive these free, but my review is completely true & all my own thoughts*

The first one was for my blog, so I added my own photo to it. The picture is super cute, the delivery is spot on & they literally taste so yum! It was a vanilla sponge… I could have eaten the whole thing to myself 🙈  they’re called letterbox cakes as they are designed to be posted through the letterbox… Obviously. With this cake I received some balloons, a candle & a party blower/horn 🎈 woooo

The second was for my better halves birthday. We went to Tenerife & it lasted so well. (The cake arrived on Thursday, we went on holiday on the Tuesday & his birthday was the Friday after) Plus, again, delivery was amazing. They made sure I had it in time for leaving for the airport, it went in my case & travelled all that way in one piece. This time we had chocolate as Sam is a chocoholic. I think I got one slice & he demolished the rest of it 🙄😩 

You should have a look if you love cake like me, they do all sorts of designs, lots of different flavours & you can choose your delivery too 💁🏽 you can order cupcakes & balloons too. I know that I will definitely be using them again in the future! 

Caitlin xo🎂🍰