Boyfriend tag; this will be fun! ❤️❤️

Going to be super cute & cringey today, but I feel like now that I have been blogging for a year, I would let my boyfriend really join in & realise what it is that I am doing. Let’s hope he has a bit of fun too. I won’t make it too long though I promise you ☺️  we’re going to answer a question each too 💁🏽 need to prove I know him too 😜 

1. When did we meet and where? 

Sam: June 1st, and on tinder, 17th? I know it was June… I think we started talking on a Friday 🙈 

2. When did you meet the parents? 

Caitlin: the date, I can’t remember 100% I wanna say about 10th July. I stayed at Sam’s, as we went to his friend from works wedding… Well I went to the reception. I also drank way too much prosecco 🍾

3. Who said ‘I love you’ first?  

Sam: me… On our first holiday, eventually 🙄 (I basically said you want to tell me something don’t you, I could tell he was nervous) he was very romantic though!! Just look at where we were sat

4. Where was our first date? 

Caitlin: at prezzo, I had never really properly dated before so this was lovely 😍 my order came out wrong though & I didn’t know whether to complain or not 🙈

5. What is one food that I don’t like? 

Sam: peanut butter, pizza, ice cream, beans 

6. What is my shoe size? 

Caitlin: size 10, I can’t forget it’s just double mine 💁🏽

7. What’s my favourite ever sandwich? 

Sam: egg or tuna (mmmm 😋)

8. What football team do I support? 

Caitlin: Man U, hissssss 

9. Complete this sentence, ‘my girlfriend is…’ 

Sam: the best.

10. Complete this sentence ‘my boyfriend is…’ 

Caitlin: my favourite person in the world.

Do you guys need a bucket? Sorry.. 😂 I honestly do love this man, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He has made me a better person & literally completes me 🙊💖 were now on countdown to holiday number 3! Only a few days to go 😃

I love you Sam

Caitlin xo ✨

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