So my last review was of my lookfantastic beauty box, which I absolutely loved this month! The next box to land in my porch was my birchbox! 😍 such a beauty, the colours were fabulous to knock the January blues.

This box was jam packed! Amazing brands & a very generous voucher was inside! They really thought about everything πŸ‘ŒπŸ» teamed up with hello fresh to help subscribers kick start the year in a happy & healthy way πŸ‹  I will definitely be using my voucher! πŸ˜›

  • Lord & berry literally is my top brand that I have found through receiving my birchbox! This concealer really does do the job! Only needing a small amount & lasting for hours, I would highly recommend this to anybody! πŸ’₯ I use this product to cover my dark circles under my eyes. 
  • Merci handy hand cream, there are no words, just fabulous inside & outside! That packaging 😍 It has the perfect texture & after even just one use my hands felt silky soft. In my box I received cherie cherry & the scent was to die for! Definitely a fantastic brand for skincare! 
  • Kebelo shampoo is beautifully presented. This shampoo smelt lovely, but I wasn’t too keen on this product. It was very rich & I ended up having to wash my hair again within 24 hours πŸ™ˆ  I think this may be more suitable for people with thicker hair! ✨  I have used other products by kebelo, & those were much more suited to me!
  • REN Skincare is a fantastic brand! Every product I have received of theirs I have loved.  This time I received a radiance renewal mask. I love skincare products in the winter months! Nobody likes dry skin! I used this as I soaked in the bath πŸ‘ŒπŸ» best used if you leave on for around 10-12 minutes ✨ tip; wipe away very lightly so you don’t scrub it off & it leaves your skin so amazingly soft! 
  • Nails inc always produce great nail polishes! I wasn’t too fussed by this product as I always have my nails done with Nexgen, but I will use it on my toes! πŸ’…πŸ½

This month I also used my birchbox points! I always write reviews for my birchbox products every month & I have saved my points! So this month I decided to spend them πŸ’Έ  ordered myself my favourite matte lip pencil by Lord & berry, plus a fantastic new makeup brush by spectrum. They make the prettiest of brushes πŸ’•βœ¨

So that’s enough of that beauty box, NEXT! 

Along came Glossybox πŸ’– this was my last glossybox, as I have decided I want to try a new box! Every box is always jam packed, with something to suit everyone ! So don’t let me put you off πŸ™ˆβ˜ΊοΈ any suggestions also welcome 😘

  • Nip+fab kale fix moisturiser 😍 this really does soothe your skin! The help of aloe Vera really does help you to notice the hydration. Smells fantastic too, which is always a bonus! Definitely good enough to eat!  
  • Unani illuminate milk cleanser. Full size product oh glossy you’re too kind! First time I used this I thought it was like any other regular cleanser, but after a few uses (morning & night) you can really notice the difference in your skin. Much brighter & you haven’t got to use huge amounts either to get the benefits πŸ’πŸ» 
  • The balm matte single eyeshadow is amazing! Only used this once so far & I think it’s lovely! I was given the shade Matt Kumar which really does suit my colouring. It’s long lasting too & doesn’t crumble down your face as you apply it! 😍😍 that is a bonus
  • True organic, all you need is me! I have been applying this like there is no tomorrow to my knees & elbows! It really is true that this product can be used all over. I’m yet to try this on my hair πŸ’†πŸ» but seeing as I have pretty much fallen in love with this I am sure it will work wonders as a hair mask too ✨ tip; you only need a small amount at a time! Watch this last you a while. 
  • Vitamasques manuka honey face mask I am yet to use this as I’ve already got lots of face masks half started πŸ™ˆyes I did say I was addicted to beauty boxes… πŸ™„ I have used other face masks by this brand & they worked wonders on my dry skin, especially when I was on holiday enjoying a little bit too much sunshine! 

Glossybox really did spoil us this month & it was a fantastic way to start the new year! 

Hope you enjoyed these reviews πŸ™Š I promise I only have one more review left this month πŸ™„ 

Caitlin xπŸ’•


My first box to arrive this month was lookfantastic βœ¨  this month had a fantastic selection of products! And a few of them were even cruelty free too! 😍 what a bonus! 

The prettiest box! So colourful! πŸ’•  & 6 products!!!

  • Jelly pong pong mascara is a great product! It recommends to use eyelash curler & 2 coats of mascara & I have to agree! No more is needed at all. Only downside I have found is that it does seem to flake over your hands whilst applying & you’re left with lots of black dots, so be weary when applying πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
  • Briogeo hair mask is AMAZING! Leaves my hair feeling beautifully soft! I have used it a few times before so very grateful to receive this again! ✨ a little tip, wash hair with shampoo 2x, apply mask on hair in the bath & leave for 5-10 mins. Rinse off & condition as well! 
  • Nuxe anti-age skincare is fabulous! Texture is perfect & it always has a lovely scent! I’ve already used this up as I love this brand! 
  • Pixi beauty brow tamer product! Completely new to this brand & I love receiving new brands! So Thankyou lookfantastic, giving them a follow on Instagram that’s for sure! Amazing sample size too 😍
  • Trifle cosmetics is another newbie to me! The most beautiful packaging I have seen in a long time too! That glow πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I think I may have a new favourite!! Application is lovely & literally gives you a naturally beautiful glow! ✨ apply along cheek bone, trust me! 
  • The vintage cosmetics company B E A UTIFUL. No other words for this product! Packaging is fantastic & I love slanted tweezers! Always good to look after a product like this as it is one of worst for harbouring germs! 

This beauty subscription box never fails to make me happy at the beginning of each month! If you’re wondering whether to subscribe then in my opinion… DO IT DO IT DO IT! 


Caitlin πŸ’•

New year, new me! … NahΒ 

It’s 2017 & we know we have all heard the most common phrase said at the beginning of a new year! New year, new me… Well I personally don’t think I want to change a lot in my life right now, except I’d love to win the lottery πŸ˜‚ 

One thing I would really like to change is the amount of subscription boxes I have a month… πŸ™„ yes I am addicted BUT they make me happy! 

Currently I am subscribed to dollibox, lookfantastic, glossybox & birchbox. Absolutely love my boxes but this year I am thinking about either changing or just subscribing to some more (I have no willpower) πŸ˜‚ 

Glossybox was my very first subscription box & I love the variety that it has! Hair, makeup& skin products! 😍 I like that it has affordable products & a lovely treat too πŸ‘ŒπŸ» it has really introduced me to some fabulous brands, for example hey honey (pictured above) LOVE that skin serum so much. I am slightly disappointed that because I paid an upfront cost I don’t get to redeem my glossy dots, which is a major downside if you’re wanting to buy something you have enjoyed! 😏 

Birchbox is fantastic as you get to spend points too! A little tip for you all who love a good skincare product! ✨ the make polaar is my new favourite thanks to birchbox! ✨ the night cream is my top choice, but the everyday cream & lipbalm are just as amazing! 

This beauty is my December 2016 dollibox πŸ’• so so so many products & so many of these are full size! Look at that beauty of a hair product!!! If I had to recommend a box to get people hooked on subscription boxes then I would 100% say dollibox!  The customer service is second to none as well! 6 fabulous products in December, I cannot wait for my first box of the new year to arrive 😍 

I’m looking for some inspiration on a new box to try! Doesn’t have to beauty related at all πŸ™Š I just love a good treat. Any & all suggestions welcome please 😘


Caitlin πŸ’•